Web Analytics

Web Analytics

Setting up the business on the net is never an easy job! And if you are a novice business owner, you have to take care of lots of elements from day one of setting up of your business. Once your business site is ready with a perfect layout and a content to suit your services, and once it is linked with all best of internet marketing tools, SEO and stuff, you simply need to wait until your receive traffic as expected. If you wish to take your business establishments ahead from a small scale firm to a big organization, you need to analyze the traffic, sales, marketing returns, and everything with a tracking report. IQ Microsystems are best at it!

Willing to prepare a tracking report for your business online? We at IQ Microsystems will assist your cause with our Web Analytics services. Get an accurate web analytics report and track report prepared from our experts and check out what's lagging behind for tracking back maximum traffic towards your site. Google analytics reports, online traffic report, visitors report, conversion rate report, and any other custom reports as per your needs, is what we prepare. Measuring the success of your business site and the amount of traffic that you are receiving, the sales, marketing strategy's success, and overall revenue is important so as to implement changes.

With Web Analytics services from IQ Microsystems you will be able to

  • Measure
  • Collect
  • Analyze
  • Report and
  • Implement changes in your web usage

For measuring the website traffic, market research as well as for business research, you can depend on our Web Analytics services. IQ Microsystems is a fast grown Mobile Application Development company and we keep a track of latest online applications. To track back maximum clients for business through your business site on smart phones, you need to analyze the current situations and make necessary changes as per reports. We have served Web Analytics report to lots of clients till now and we are pleased to offer results to them as they expected.

Web Analytics services from us include:

  • Report generation
  • Dashboard creation
  • Google analytics
  • Campaign analytics
  • Web analytics
  • Set up of required software for generation of reports like custom reports, traffic overview, visitor's report, content reports and goal conversion report

IQ Microsystems assist the clients to expand their business by preparing the best of Web Analytics reports on the basis of which required changes are implemented.