Our Company

Founded by Nilesh Bajbalkar in 2010, currently based in Pune and with many years experience, IQ Microsystems offers a wide range of mobile application development solutions, web solutions and business support including iphone application development, ipad application development, android application development, blackberry application development and windows phone development, professional website designing, professional web programming and web hosting, website maintenance, web consultancy, website management, SEO, internet marketing, social marketing, and all other traffic generation services.

As other esteemed web solutions provider we can provide you with the comprehension and resourcefulness needed to succeed in the competitive online world at an affordable price.

About IQ Microsystems

IQ Microsystems is amongst leading service providers dedicated in to corporate Mobile Application Development, Web Application Development, Android Application Development, Web Development and other IT services.

Why IQ Microsystems?

Professional web design, development and marketing company. Skilled web designers, development and search engine marketing professionals. Great customer supports for clients, flexible environment, more than 3 years of industry...